MDTE DB: a database for microRNAs derived from Transposable element

MDTE database is a free database for microRNAs derived from Transposable element. Data in the database were stems from calculation and literature collection. This database can provide convenience for study the origin and evolution of miRNA, settles the foundation for the study on non-coding RNAs origin from TEs.

MDTE tool

This is an online tool for identifying MDTEs with detailed annotations, and visualizing the positional relationship between miRNAs and TEs in figures. MDTE tool also can be used to identify other non-coding RNAs which are derived from TEs.


This is a database that can give you the drosophila counterparts of human disease genes and miRNAs that target to these genes. If you want to study human disease genes and miRNA use Drosophila as an object, you can get the relevant data you want about the genes in this database. You can search this database by keyword, such as gene name,miRNA name,pathway and disease type.

Transfly Database

This database stores transcriptome analysis results of all drosophila transcription factors following RNAi knockdow and ChIP-Seq annotation results from collection. You can get the differentially expressed genes and their GO, KEGG, PPI analysis results after knockdown. In addition, the targets of transcription factors and the interaction of them can also be obtained.