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This is a free database for microRNAs derived from Transposable element. Data in the database were stems from calculation and literature collection.

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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small( ~20nt) non-coding RNAs, regulate gene expression at post-transcriptional level by targeting mRNA 3'-untranslated regions (3'-UTRs).
Functional roles for miRNA shown to play pivotal roles in development, basic cellular metabolism, apoptosis and disease, have now been described in virtually every basic biological process.

Transposable elements (TEs) are mobile genetic elements exist in a variety of genomes.
TEs were classed in to DNA transposable elements and Retrotransposon (long terminal repeats, LTR; long interspersed nuclear element, LINE; and short interspersed nuclear element, SINE).
Large of evidence show that a significant number of microRNAs originate from TEs.

MDTE Tool is an online tool for identifying MDTEs with detailed annotations, and visualizing the positional relationship between miRNAs and TEs in figures.
MDTE tool also can be used to identify other non-coding RNAs which are derived from TEs.