Welcome to Ma Lab!

       This Lab were created at 2008 under the guidance of Professor Ma Fei. We focused on these research field:

1. Evolution and function research of microRNA

      The Evolutionary study of microRNA gene family were carry out by Molecular biology, comparative genomics and bioinformatics theory and technology. Focusing on the research of immune function and mechanism in amphioxus and insect, the mechanism of microRNA-mediated cancer regulation network.

2. Comparative Genomics

     Comparative Genomics comparative analysis the evolution of phylogeny of important species gene and gene families, revealing the origin and function of gene and the mechanism of their evolution and diversification. Study on gene recognition and function of human diseases.


     Biological information database and software development, bioinformatics knowledge discovery and data mining, miRNA-mediated gene regulation network.


link:Nanjing Normal UniversityCollege of Life Sciences